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Etobicoke Railings for Stairs

It is not until you are faced with a much needed repair, having to decide on a remodelling style or having to childproof the staircase that you actually think of all the ways stairs can work for you. Take the stair railings as an example; it is a key part to any staircase for obvious function and safety needs.

It is also a component of the staircase you can modernize, or make more traditional in appearance to better suit any changes to the décor in your home.

Stair Renovation Etobicoke

Your staircase is a major functional and decorative focal point in your home so it should come as no surprise that there are many applications that fall into the category of stair renovation. This can include the common need to change stair treads, fix incessant squeaking, getting rid of wobbly posts, balusters and handrails to ensure a safer walk up and down the stairs. Full-on remodelling, replacement and custom projects like original ironwork and wood carving also fall under the stair renovation umbrella.

Staircase Companies in Etobicoke

There is a good chance that you have researched online prior to purchasing a big ticket item so wouldn’t you do the same while searching for a staircase company prior to undergoing major or even minor staircase renovations? HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most-trusted contractor evaluation company has given Ideal Stairs the “Best Of’ rating for three years in a row. How did we get top billing? Because of customer testimonials detailing their positive experiences on all sorts of stair projects, which include the use of quality materials, trained professionals, competitive pricing and a beautiful staircase to enjoy for decades to come.

Etobicoke Stairs for your Home

Home is where the heart is and your staircase is a major part of how you enjoy your house on a daily basis. A properly functioning set of stairs is key but how do they look? If you are tired of the carpeting or want a new stain on the stairs and surrounding flooring, that can all be changed as part of a home remodelling effort. Even hardware changes on the spindles, posts and railings can have a huge positive effect on the new desired look of your home’s interior.

Custom-Made Stairs Toronto

Your dream staircase is just a click away

For custom staircase designs and renovations, the experts at Ideal Stairs have you covered.
We also do flooring, sanding, staining, and more.

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